While you are deciding what to do about your pregnancy, at no cost to you, we will provide emotional support while you make the decision that is right for you and your child.

If parenting is your choice, we will help guide you to community resources that can help make a stronger family unit.

If adoption is your choice, in addition to counseling both before and after birth, we will provide the following:

  • Counseling regarding your legal rights
  • Assistance with selecting and getting to know the potential adoptive family
  • Assistance with choosing the type of adoption, including contact with the adoptive family and child after birth
  • Communication with the  biological father
  • Assistance with creating a hospital plan
  • Medical care and insurance
  • Hospital support
  • Payment of living expenses (rent, utilities etc.)
  • Housing assistance, either local to you or in your very own apartment in sunny, warm Phoenix.

Caption: Our apartments are next to a major shopping center with plenty of shopping, restaurants and a movie theater.   Each individual apartment is fully equipped and includes unlimited phone service, cable TC, an internet café, a workout room and a swimming pool and hot tub.  We provide you transportation for all of your needs as well as plan fun activities to keep you occupied.


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